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We are on of the best restaurants in Houston

Located in the historic Houston Heights district, Maryam’s café doesn’t just serve Italian coffee and healthy organic foods. Anyone can do that. Instead, we add an important special ingredient: love.

We care about our guests. This is why we firmly believe that love is best served warm. We strive to make our guests feel comfortable, cared for and welcome. We treat every guest as an old friend. Every dish we prepare, every order we fill, we do so by pouring in love and dedication. From the minute a guest steps into our cafe, they’re greeted by the cozy warmth that has become our source of pride.


Homemade cuisine, Fresh vegetables, Organic foods and Gluten free Houston favorites

We use premium ingredients in our meals. From the imported high-quality ingredients that we use in specialty dishes to organic and gluten-free goodies, our menu is carefully prepared to offer healthy and delicious meals. Whether you eat one of our mouth-watering sandwiches or chose to dig into one of our internationally-inspired omelets, you can order any item on the menu any time of day. When combined with our special ingredient, love, our simple ingredients are transformed into cuisine that is quite special. Something personal. They go beyond being nostalgic; they are quite simply put, ethereal.

  • Organic
  • Gluten free
  • Fresh
  • Healthy
  • Local

Drink with friends

Ice cold juices, aromatic hot tea, and freshly brewed coffee
Whether it’s a refreshing glass of iced tea, a chilled glass of orange juice, a cup of rich espresso, or a cup of fragrant hot tea that you fancy, we have them all! We transform the simple coffee bean into a hot beverage that makes us one of the best brunch places in Houston.

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